Short Cuts

Short CutsDirector:Robert Altman

Raymond Carver short stories and poetry of the motif. Robert Altman directed it. Spread by human comedy big colorful cast. 3-hour epic. 22 characters. Novels like “” and the movie “Magnolia” is like. No, rather than the past? Have an impact on the drama rather than a lot of sculptured group drama Altman.

The first 30 minutes, some of the most character. I’m not sure which is connected with other families. My head hurts. “GOSFORD PARK” I felt like it. Everyone will know the relationship over time. Several families living in the city not so big too. Seem to be connected in some people. 

To have exquisite timing between consecutive scenes. Someone you open the door, the scene has changed in the family. During the time he was two minutes ago, another family is a serious matter. The episode not related to each other at all, it looks as if it is related. 

This perspective is very interesting!. Consciousness while at the same time a number of developments, in a survey that looked at the other. The only common time axis. Almost forgotten. And clear, but in the last earthquake. 

Each of their lives, just visible in the world to me. Without knowing their neighbors and so on are involved in subtle. All have been notified only seen this side. It is God’s perspective. The vast amount of information about our many characters, I feel that getting. This is a work of great satisfaction in just looking.


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