Monday Morning (2002) / Lundi matin

Lundi matin
Lundi matin

Lundi matin (2002)
Director:Otar Iosseliani
Writer:Otar Iosseliani



Nattier no expansion of the line. Aki Kaurismäki’s style I like. Have a lot of little jokes. Play like it. Appeared to many people, the drama occurring in the same city, Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” to remember.The “Short Cuts” was aiming for the sequence and complexity to the drama of each cycle, the movie is “Before drama” of “fragments of the act can be called the record” to continue the chain.
Brothers make the bike a lot. The boy will receive one of them. Leaving over the boy, his father emerged from the car angrily. Boys go to church. Girl talk in phone BOX. Black men to call. And his father placed the boy with the bike. Black men go to church. Write a letter to ask the boy’s brother. And so on.In a long scene, to the best possible representation of different situations. To touch off another person. If so hectic, so one simple connection, watching without thinking too much. To produce simple, however, explain the many episodes of “formal” because, in the first half, according to the type of person or actions that appear in almost one area.
This is simply a montage of the movie is made by a simple mechanism that the world will know it, inspire a sense that they are just watching.The second half of the movie will change the load. The basic approach has been continued. Traveling in the construction of the narrative, which traces the early life appears to be very flat world is portrayed. That is to say that it is a particularly dull, and they are reduced to a small theater-like improvisation. Jacques Tati like world.
The sudden disappearance of a father, he got back from a trip to the murder, the family is to accept nothing happened. Father only, so sorry, had some trepidation. When his father felt this was not representing the views of the world sees. Why?Already been drawn from the first half in this flat world is a natural development. The father had the most outrageous acts, but was present to represent the norms that are connected to reality? This means that our reality is, even the most unreasonable, that the world looks flat, nothing strange is not it.

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