Walkabout (film)



 Directed by Nicolas Roeg

I felt a strange atmosphere from the beginning. Fragmentary images. Students strange women. Nervous father. Recall the scene of sexual expression. It is also said to be similar to the work sur Luis Buñuel. His father committed suicide soon after the weigh-burning, and Odyssey as only one part of it even just a starting stage.

Wandering the desert in the United Kingdom traditional dress are as funny cosplay. For two people to travel, so it will still remain out of the everyday things just do not swallow. Blouses dirt. Hang in there kids. Oasis to appear often convenient. It’s like a director of the seriousness of the situation to avoid it.

Sense of parody that is more heavily by the characters around. Aborigines and Aboriginal boy’s picture. He accepted the two people easily, but other tribes are treated as KAKASHI even the burned body of his father. Or even death is a part of daily life, as if people say or is the only part of the goods.

This means that all the world, with in a serious but would not accept the tragedy as a virtual reality that a shift has not been named to the most chaotic, seems to imply feel. This time the chaos, however, to change the subject of fear. The boy is not the familiar stereotype quickly, it is open to Aboriginal and feeling better through her.

Trees relentlessly copy, cut and feel of the female body as a metaphor there, maintaining the beauty that is all to produce high quality images even in the comic. Were told to remember the fun and fulfillment as a movie. Images of beautiful girls in the pool and swim around, seemed to have come from the same perspective captured alive while moving to their wild instinct. Should be aggressive in the beginning, I think it’s a good movie and feel a very clear concept of the director wants.


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