Shooting at night can be seen from the my room terrace.

Always, a familiar scene, and seemed to change much.

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  1. lynnwiles on

    Great shot. I like your night light shots on Flickr a lot.

    • kmpnote on

      Thank you lynnwiles!

  2. bartman905 on

    Me too, for a beginner, you take very nice pictures. I got my first DSLR (Canon Kiss F) 3 months ago so I am also a beginner – I find I take very tourist like photos and am not very good in composition. I am still learning how to use an SLR with all its features and technical terms.

    • kmpnote on

      I do not have a DSLR. Are taken throughout the digital compact camera. But more recently a good camera (which is not a DSLR..), so obtained, and much fun shooting.
      I better go to the photo exhibition. Often go, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
      “New Cosmos of Photography Exhibition” is going to see every year.

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