Author: Abe Kazushige

This masterpiece of Japanese postwar fiction has been compared to Kenzaburo Oe’s A Silent Cry and Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Perhaps, obsession and personal thing is not a big deal if the language is great urgency in thereabouts, and thus, it would be funny to other personnel. A sense of relief overcame the dilemma, they entertain the misfortune of others. That would be cruel, but in a small fort to protect the citizens and even if arsenic.

This novel is to look at myself like that, it is shocking to see. 80 from the inside out to tell the people all of the characters, but everyone is their own, it’s a repeat of the sense of relief and sense of urgency. They just vulgar Still fearfully. Just looked at each other slack, and urgency as if biting it immediately? I could not get even temporary relief, it also is a daily act of indecent wariness not like children.

Laugh away the personality that was exaggerated but it is not. At an angle to see the tabloid show, as a sneeringly media would comment only common sense to rely on tired, we are routinely blind to it and pretend to nihil. For a myriad of personalities behind the internet, to feel something while a large force will not lead to the implicit.

Feel the fear at that time and that the thin straight into some of the novel feels somewhat. Individual is unable to consider the information that is limited only by the complexity of just living a life for us just to increase, the plan was to find a way to resolve the dispute, was made by the delusion of and they would know why?

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