Tokyo Sonata


Genre:Foreign, Drama
Director:Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Cast:Teruyuki Kagawa, Kyoko Koizumi, Yu Koyanagi, Kai Inowaki, Haruka Igawa

A difficult system in recent years “Fluidity of the employment” and “Unequal society-格差社会”. People will be exhausted by adapting oneself to them now. As a result,It is a domestic happy circle that people become the place which carries out a thinking stop at such time.Even by a administration division chief with professional mediation of human relations, It becomes indifferent to the human relations of his own home.

It has surfaced in recent years as various problems for which the society side which was nestling up that he should be adapted also began the breakdown.However, a world is not still made into how to look at it.And the will wished that he does not want to be concerned is making the thinking stop live long.

“Place of family togetherness” is “Place that doesn’t change”, and to actually feel the happiness that it invents, all families should experience “Consciousness change”. In the last scene, although the son flipped Debussy skillfully, there was a figure of the family who leaves without applauding. Family everybody’s escape play (road movie) drawn immediately before was performed synchronically. It was filled by the impulse which destroys a thinking stop. As a result, the last scene induced impression.

The size of what is destroyed increased by minimum performance. Like Robert Bresson, the size of things increased seriousness by expressionless players. The serious feeling also became deep as humorous production. On the other hand, the road movie was lively motion-like. The bunch of the feeling killed till then was exploded to movement. The contrast was skillful.


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