Kabuki (歌舞伎)

I went to Ginza to see a Kabuki play the other day. Many people had overflowed on the outside before it started. Kabuki serves as long performance of about 5 hours. People snatch a hasty meal at the break time of 30 minutes. There are various stalls in the pavilion from the curry and rice to a high-level box lunch. For some reason, there even is a boutique. The person who was speaking happily with the clerk was seen though the person who bought clothes here did not see. The stage setting of kabuki is very interesting. It is not the luxurious making, but there are the many devices, make enjoy us!

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  1. bartman905 on

    Thank you for sharing your Kabuki experience. Do you watch Kabuki often?

    We have not had a chance to watch Kabuki yet, but would like to see it one of these days. I understand they are relocating the Ginza Kabuki theater also next year.

    • kmpnote on

      Thank you for the comment. My kabuki seeing is the second time. It went this time because it was very happy to go to Natioanl Theatre to see last year. It is scheduled to go to see again this year because Kabuki-za ends. That time looks at ‘NINAGAWA 十二夜’.

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