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Shochiku nouvelle vague

Each work group of Shochiku nouvelle vague is wonderful. I am charmed very much by the surrounding work in the 70s. All of the work of Masahiro Shinoda, Nagisa Oshima, Yoshishige Yoshida, and them are filled to a feeling of tension, and yet, it has good “lightness” of tempo, and its parenthesis is very good. Although I was late, the charm of the 70s clings.

The drawn daily life rises very absurdly. The characters show the back that everybody is lonely. Oneself who feels “coolness” for this direction contacts with them in a very frivolous manner. It is “the times nature”, and it is the invisible “smartness” of the figure even if it runs after it. Or the reason is because it learns “admiration” including the vexation that it can accept only after it faces it.

Especially, there are a lot of works of “70 neo-‘s” style like following in recent years in this age even without giving examples. ” “Like spiral advances in the age. Times keep advancing “to spiral condition”. In order to remember such a someone’s word, even yearning you hold into the times when by your are born, this is the achievement of the Japanese movie.

The movie, that “fresh” feeling of that times will always be conveyed, is desperate. Therefore “now” there is meaning in seeing the present-day Japanese movie which is created. In addition, that way in comprehending the Japanese movie of the former times when it is made, as those which embody that times, there is important meaning.