cyber- city Akihabara


Weekend, I strolled in Akihabara with the camera. In this district, there are a lot of very interesting scenes. Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items.


When I went to Akihabara from the Suehirochō Station, much Skyscraper could be seen, and I was surprised for it to be tinged with the aspect of the cyber- city completely. In the back alley boys who shouldered the rucksack are a lot, and girl of the housemaid appearance to distribute the flyer. Their expressions had the sense of urgency somewhere.


Many old small factories in town remained in the back street. If it turns, a skyscraper appears. Such contrast is the scenery which is often in Tokyo.

NYC Travel Diary


This travel had very many troubles. It made a mistake in the train which returns from the Yale University to NYC, and has gone to the back more. Since the airplane of return left NYC by delay for 4 hours, a schedule arrives in different Minneapolis and it moves to Detroit further, and it is one night to the hotel near the airport. In Narita Airport, it was Lost baggage.

official nyc information center

Tiredness increases if it is recalled. However, there were also many good things.
We were able to meet the friend at the NYC first day. Very happy for be able to hear his interesting story, and ate delicious Italian food time was able to be spent. NY is according to afterwards, there is no “Come off” in meal, and the reputation.

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Although the skyscraper in Manhattan was a town more overcrowded than imagination, and exciting, it was full of the warmth of nostalgia or a man.The subway and the bus used easily, and a very lucid city. A town complicated by a multi race was very natural, and it all looked energetic bright.

Whitney Museum

New York city travel

We enjoyed the New York city. At the golden week May 2009. They are only five days. However, it was very substantial days. Manhattan was more interesting than imagination. NYC is very excited. I took a lot of trip photographs. With an interesting shot, I made an FLASH movie in that. You can look from the following site. Please check it. It links also from the upper picture.

Furthermore, I added a movie.↓↓↓

Shochiku nouvelle vague

Each work group of Shochiku nouvelle vague is wonderful. I am charmed very much by the surrounding work in the 70s. All of the work of Masahiro Shinoda, Nagisa Oshima, Yoshishige Yoshida, and them are filled to a feeling of tension, and yet, it has good “lightness” of tempo, and its parenthesis is very good. Although I was late, the charm of the 70s clings.

The drawn daily life rises very absurdly. The characters show the back that everybody is lonely. Oneself who feels “coolness” for this direction contacts with them in a very frivolous manner. It is “the times nature”, and it is the invisible “smartness” of the figure even if it runs after it. Or the reason is because it learns “admiration” including the vexation that it can accept only after it faces it.

Especially, there are a lot of works of “70 neo-‘s” style like following in recent years in this age even without giving examples. ” “Like spiral advances in the age. Times keep advancing “to spiral condition”. In order to remember such a someone’s word, even yearning you hold into the times when by your are born, this is the achievement of the Japanese movie.

The movie, that “fresh” feeling of that times will always be conveyed, is desperate. Therefore “now” there is meaning in seeing the present-day Japanese movie which is created. In addition, that way in comprehending the Japanese movie of the former times when it is made, as those which embody that times, there is important meaning.

Kabuki (歌舞伎)

I went to Ginza to see a Kabuki play the other day. Many people had overflowed on the outside before it started. Kabuki serves as long performance of about 5 hours. People snatch a hasty meal at the break time of 30 minutes. There are various stalls in the pavilion from the curry and rice to a high-level box lunch. For some reason, there even is a boutique. The person who was speaking happily with the clerk was seen though the person who bought clothes here did not see. The stage setting of kabuki is very interesting. It is not the luxurious making, but there are the many devices, make enjoy us!

Tokyo Sonata


Genre:Foreign, Drama
Director:Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Cast:Teruyuki Kagawa, Kyoko Koizumi, Yu Koyanagi, Kai Inowaki, Haruka Igawa

A difficult system in recent years “Fluidity of the employment” and “Unequal society-格差社会”. People will be exhausted by adapting oneself to them now. As a result,It is a domestic happy circle that people become the place which carries out a thinking stop at such time.Even by a administration division chief with professional mediation of human relations, It becomes indifferent to the human relations of his own home.

It has surfaced in recent years as various problems for which the society side which was nestling up that he should be adapted also began the breakdown.However, a world is not still made into how to look at it.And the will wished that he does not want to be concerned is making the thinking stop live long.

“Place of family togetherness” is “Place that doesn’t change”, and to actually feel the happiness that it invents, all families should experience “Consciousness change”. In the last scene, although the son flipped Debussy skillfully, there was a figure of the family who leaves without applauding. Family everybody’s escape play (road movie) drawn immediately before was performed synchronically. It was filled by the impulse which destroys a thinking stop. As a result, the last scene induced impression.

The size of what is destroyed increased by minimum performance. Like Robert Bresson, the size of things increased seriousness by expressionless players. The serious feeling also became deep as humorous production. On the other hand, the road movie was lively motion-like. The bunch of the feeling killed till then was exploded to movement. The contrast was skillful.

My movie circumstances

This is a TV screen. Weekday does not look at TV almost. Holiday is seen bringing the recorded program together. The movie borrows and sees DVD. As for several years ago, every week went to Movie theater, but almost it does not go recently. The projector became cheap, installed the simple screen to the home. There are a lot of movie theaters in Tokyo, and an old work is screened. There are a lot of film festivals, too. The valuable movie is to like to go to seeing, but because of the habit of seeing at the home, it goes to the big rental store and borrows. Stopping looking at a “popular work of hurry” and “valuable work not made DVD” as a result, a movie freak is retirement…Am I going to Hikikomori?


Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. It is located at the merging of two highways, Route 246 and Setagaya-dori, just outside the central area of Shibuya.
This town, composure than central area, many bar and shop. I have to enjoy sometimes. This shot is taken to a residential area and Tōkyū Setagaya Line. Followed by low-rise housing along the line. The Tōkyū Setagaya Line is a light rail line that is operated by Tokyu Corporation. It runs from Sangen-Jaya to Shimo-Takaido, entirely within Setagaya, Tokyo. City outside of the Yamanote line, except along the major road is a residential lot.

And go to the back-street, there are many small bars. Aka Chochin, gives color on the street. There is also a modern bar. Smoke and the smell of grilled chicken, invite the appetite. In an old house that collapsed on the point, they do exist. Front, many modern buildings, some highway. This is not a slum, is known as an old alley. This is one of the charm of Tokyo. Newly developed areas is more uniform city. The city is required to be varied.

Ephemeral Shadow

Sunlight has a strong. suddenly, Tokyo is warm from last week, has been the sweet spring breeze. While walking, have to know more darker the shadows. “Shadow” has a impression of substance. There are “ephemeral” but “weighty”. The shadow of this season is very wonder, is fascinating. I want to take a lot of shadows.

To Bus

The Toei Bus is a bus service operated by the Bus Service Division, the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. It is also called To Bus.

I love the To Bus. Tokyo “subway system” is very convenient for the city, like a black hole, you lose the town on the way there. Even if I lived in Tokyo for a long time, never got off the subway station a lot. And the bus ride, it was resolved, I love to leave the streets. City have seen many changes in the weather”, I like that in Tokyo.