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Artist Talk: Kohei Nawa
Saturday, March 21 / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo renewed. Talk to the Artists has been planning the opening. Mr. Kohei Nawa, 1975 Born in Osaka. I have seen a few works in this museum, the artist was aware that Mr. Nawa said. Categorization and explanation of the work, the last reported activity. His lecture was two hours. Nawa’s work is soon expected to approach the architecture.

Air brush drawings depicting him as a well-established image of the ink is inflated by air to say, a sculpture and a drawing she posted on a transparent acrylic resin tube was in power, and the sizes of glass spheres glued to the three-dimensional stuffed deer “PixCell” he said.

Have in common is to create a painting in his work on physical media such as pen, not to embody the image that can operate in an environment, air and wind, and the reflection of the ball once away from the body, but the creation process of establishing some form of picture elements, including the uncertainty created by the substance.

Rather than entrust it to the arbitrary decisions of their own design decisions, create the communication diagram of the algorithm and the structural analysis, fluid shapes and forms produced by the environment by air, by use, and parts of the body to recognize the environmental described as leading architects to create space to get to direct. Both face up to reality and emphasizes the physical event.

For example “PixCell” he say, is to be contrasted with the explanations of the images on a computer, making the lurid. A bank of clay to make a stuffed, and put the crystal with epoxy injection, 4 hours and heated to 70 degrees on a cool day. Work to do in the vertical plane, put in 360 work units. Sculpture of a deer has been produced over time as bewildering. It can also simulate and replicate it, it works evoke the experience can only occur in the face and sculpture.

He set up a new studio in Kyoto. Renovation projects of collaboration with architects. Exchange program in Madrid and the gallery system to accept students from Thailand and London. Vigorous activity is also a businessman. This is the theory of art, entrepreneurship “An essay on art enterprise”(芸術起業論), how a statue of the late artist Takashi Murakami.