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The Sun (Солнце, 2004)

012Directed by Alexander Sokurov
Written by Yuri Arabov
Starring Issei Ogata

Thus, the emperor touches on the play in modern Japanese, which is what we get to see anything. Issey Ogata and his performance in the directed by Aleksandr Sokurov Russia, a figure that was drawn. Japan will also treat the first generation of the video, and Modern.

Instead of a tense social climate, one situation deep drama, and a siege mentality. “Arahitogami” not the aura of the figure Chaplin called suspicious behavior by U.S. troops. Not a turning point in “Humanity Declaration (Ningen-sengen) ” that era, a man sold burden. It looked like that.

Therefore, history is only following birth. Will have on the spot like this, I feel the urge. The scene moved to MacArthur hirohito directly to a cigar, I was frightened.