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Tokyo Story

021Directed by Yasujiro Ozu
Written by Kôgo Noda,Yasujiro Ozu

With a sense of nostalgia, many times I hit the feeling of pathos.

Why are the elderly couple will also speak so slowly. Beginning to feel uncomfortable with the pace. Especially a grandfather (Chishu Ryu) also seem to read from the line and you. It could not feel any discomfort, but that should continue for ever more “fragile” for him will feel included.

So, I watched the movie “I can not say goodbye” to feel a sense of the characters. This is the “shape of the Japan Family,” or to be empathetic, “space movie” How do you feel is not known exactly. What’s sure is a style of Yasujiro Ozu.

As we create and sustain the pace of the conversation carefully, repeated the fixed video camera that connects the low-angle shot with the same music many times. It was enveloped in a sense of security that this world continues to remain close to the time yet.