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New York city travel

We enjoyed the New York city. At the golden week May 2009. They are only five days. However, it was very substantial days. Manhattan was more interesting than imagination. NYC is very excited. I took a lot of trip photographs. With an interesting shot, I made an FLASH movie in that. You can look from the following site. Please check it. It links also from the upper picture.

Furthermore, I added a movie.↓↓↓

My movie circumstances

This is a TV screen. Weekday does not look at TV almost. Holiday is seen bringing the recorded program together. The movie borrows and sees DVD. As for several years ago, every week went to Movie theater, but almost it does not go recently. The projector became cheap, installed the simple screen to the home. There are a lot of movie theaters in Tokyo, and an old work is screened. There are a lot of film festivals, too. The valuable movie is to like to go to seeing, but because of the habit of seeing at the home, it goes to the big rental store and borrows. Stopping looking at a “popular work of hurry” and “valuable work not made DVD” as a result, a movie freak is retirement…Am I going to Hikikomori?