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Time To Leave

013Starring: Melvil Poupaud, Jeanne Moreau
Director: François Ozon

Francois Ozone film. The photographer was sentenced to three months left “dead” was the theme. This is (in vogue recently) chase down a moving drama that is cheap I do not promise.

First of all “death” What is. Be difficult to hurt, to lose. Not sit well with all. Something inexpressible. But this movie is 80 minutes, for example, all the time (the timing of the music from the configuration of the cut) to use, even if obscurely, “death” are getting close to that.

Indeed, “death” it can not tell if there are no words. But it is of some “signs” that got the “death” itself is not, we will soon forget. A copy of the movie is what I leave in three months left, I had to like, but certainly the main character tries to do something. It is a descendant of his family or the photos I love the warmth of the skin.

“Death” that is, what’s the expectation of life the chance to leave their traces even in the end? It features footage of the city and deep shadow, and images of the heavy air of the forest, the scene brings a lot of time and the beauty in themselves. Action hero to explore the answer to anything, will change seemed to be beyond the purpose and meaning in the images of them wander.

Shadow of the city that no longer exists after his deep sense of dignity and air of the forest will continue as well. That “change is a” hero for working to understand is that I feel like he plays. And even hard to look and was told that the sun will sink into the sea.

The Sun (Солнце, 2004)

012Directed by Alexander Sokurov
Written by Yuri Arabov
Starring Issei Ogata

Thus, the emperor touches on the play in modern Japanese, which is what we get to see anything. Issey Ogata and his performance in the directed by Aleksandr Sokurov Russia, a figure that was drawn. Japan will also treat the first generation of the video, and Modern.

Instead of a tense social climate, one situation deep drama, and a siege mentality. “Arahitogami” not the aura of the figure Chaplin called suspicious behavior by U.S. troops. Not a turning point in “Humanity Declaration (Ningen-sengen) ” that era, a man sold burden. It looked like that.

Therefore, history is only following birth. Will have on the spot like this, I feel the urge. The scene moved to MacArthur hirohito directly to a cigar, I was frightened.

Mind Game

024Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Type: Anime, Fantasy Adventure
Cast: Sayaka Maeda, Seiko Takuma, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi

Murder scene the hero, for example. 70’s was seen in the film’s absurd. Feel the ecstasy. I get the chill bumps come soon. Feeling sick and tired of that.

The chain fold in a flood of images, it is like a drug in the brain. Mind Games that simulate the body does not experience arousal. Surrounded by a world metaphor, which overcome the 90’s movie is here and there

Meaningless world. If you can feel something there, why not put the drive into the screen. Life is an illusion. That comes from diseased brain can not question it. Then, to feel in this exercise, you might know a little of own stand.

Tokyo Story

021Directed by Yasujiro Ozu
Written by Kôgo Noda,Yasujiro Ozu

With a sense of nostalgia, many times I hit the feeling of pathos.

Why are the elderly couple will also speak so slowly. Beginning to feel uncomfortable with the pace. Especially a grandfather (Chishu Ryu) also seem to read from the line and you. It could not feel any discomfort, but that should continue for ever more “fragile” for him will feel included.

So, I watched the movie “I can not say goodbye” to feel a sense of the characters. This is the “shape of the Japan Family,” or to be empathetic, “space movie” How do you feel is not known exactly. What’s sure is a style of Yasujiro Ozu.

As we create and sustain the pace of the conversation carefully, repeated the fixed video camera that connects the low-angle shot with the same music many times. It was enveloped in a sense of security that this world continues to remain close to the time yet.

Monday Morning (2002) / Lundi matin

Lundi matin
Lundi matin

Lundi matin (2002)
Director:Otar Iosseliani
Writer:Otar Iosseliani



Nattier no expansion of the line. Aki Kaurismäki’s style I like. Have a lot of little jokes. Play like it. Appeared to many people, the drama occurring in the same city, Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” to remember.The “Short Cuts” was aiming for the sequence and complexity to the drama of each cycle, the movie is “Before drama” of “fragments of the act can be called the record” to continue the chain.
Brothers make the bike a lot. The boy will receive one of them. Leaving over the boy, his father emerged from the car angrily. Boys go to church. Girl talk in phone BOX. Black men to call. And his father placed the boy with the bike. Black men go to church. Write a letter to ask the boy’s brother. And so on.In a long scene, to the best possible representation of different situations. To touch off another person. If so hectic, so one simple connection, watching without thinking too much. To produce simple, however, explain the many episodes of “formal” because, in the first half, according to the type of person or actions that appear in almost one area.
This is simply a montage of the movie is made by a simple mechanism that the world will know it, inspire a sense that they are just watching.The second half of the movie will change the load. The basic approach has been continued. Traveling in the construction of the narrative, which traces the early life appears to be very flat world is portrayed. That is to say that it is a particularly dull, and they are reduced to a small theater-like improvisation. Jacques Tati like world.
The sudden disappearance of a father, he got back from a trip to the murder, the family is to accept nothing happened. Father only, so sorry, had some trepidation. When his father felt this was not representing the views of the world sees. Why?Already been drawn from the first half in this flat world is a natural development. The father had the most outrageous acts, but was present to represent the norms that are connected to reality? This means that our reality is, even the most unreasonable, that the world looks flat, nothing strange is not it.

License to Live

ningengoukaku1999 License to Live (Ningen gōkaku)
Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Main Cast: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Koji Yakusho, Shun Sugata, Lily, Kumiko Aso
Kiyoshi Kurosawa is a Japanese filmmaker best known for his many contributions to the J-horror genre.This reality, and even their existence, what really is not a dream, my feelings have come to see the transition can not check. A sense of unreality to reality, I was drawn to all the words before the death of the youth, reach a climax. The description is just quiet, I keep close to heart rather tightly.

Walkabout (film)



 Directed by Nicolas Roeg

I felt a strange atmosphere from the beginning. Fragmentary images. Students strange women. Nervous father. Recall the scene of sexual expression. It is also said to be similar to the work sur Luis Buñuel. His father committed suicide soon after the weigh-burning, and Odyssey as only one part of it even just a starting stage.

Wandering the desert in the United Kingdom traditional dress are as funny cosplay. For two people to travel, so it will still remain out of the everyday things just do not swallow. Blouses dirt. Hang in there kids. Oasis to appear often convenient. It’s like a director of the seriousness of the situation to avoid it.

Sense of parody that is more heavily by the characters around. Aborigines and Aboriginal boy’s picture. He accepted the two people easily, but other tribes are treated as KAKASHI even the burned body of his father. Or even death is a part of daily life, as if people say or is the only part of the goods.

This means that all the world, with in a serious but would not accept the tragedy as a virtual reality that a shift has not been named to the most chaotic, seems to imply feel. This time the chaos, however, to change the subject of fear. The boy is not the familiar stereotype quickly, it is open to Aboriginal and feeling better through her.

Trees relentlessly copy, cut and feel of the female body as a metaphor there, maintaining the beauty that is all to produce high quality images even in the comic. Were told to remember the fun and fulfillment as a movie. Images of beautiful girls in the pool and swim around, seemed to have come from the same perspective captured alive while moving to their wild instinct. Should be aggressive in the beginning, I think it’s a good movie and feel a very clear concept of the director wants.

Short Cuts

Short CutsDirector:Robert Altman

Raymond Carver short stories and poetry of the motif. Robert Altman directed it. Spread by human comedy big colorful cast. 3-hour epic. 22 characters. Novels like “” and the movie “Magnolia” is like. No, rather than the past? Have an impact on the drama rather than a lot of sculptured group drama Altman.

The first 30 minutes, some of the most character. I’m not sure which is connected with other families. My head hurts. “GOSFORD PARK” I felt like it. Everyone will know the relationship over time. Several families living in the city not so big too. Seem to be connected in some people. 

To have exquisite timing between consecutive scenes. Someone you open the door, the scene has changed in the family. During the time he was two minutes ago, another family is a serious matter. The episode not related to each other at all, it looks as if it is related. 

This perspective is very interesting!. Consciousness while at the same time a number of developments, in a survey that looked at the other. The only common time axis. Almost forgotten. And clear, but in the last earthquake. 

Each of their lives, just visible in the world to me. Without knowing their neighbors and so on are involved in subtle. All have been notified only seen this side. It is God’s perspective. The vast amount of information about our many characters, I feel that getting. This is a work of great satisfaction in just looking.