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NYC Travel Diary


This travel had very many troubles. It made a mistake in the train which returns from the Yale University to NYC, and has gone to the back more. Since the airplane of return left NYC by delay for 4 hours, a schedule arrives in different Minneapolis and it moves to Detroit further, and it is one night to the hotel near the airport. In Narita Airport, it was Lost baggage.

official nyc information center

Tiredness increases if it is recalled. However, there were also many good things.
We were able to meet the friend at the NYC first day. Very happy for be able to hear his interesting story, and ate delicious Italian food time was able to be spent. NY is according to afterwards, there is no “Come off” in meal, and the reputation.

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Although the skyscraper in Manhattan was a town more overcrowded than imagination, and exciting, it was full of the warmth of nostalgia or a man.The subway and the bus used easily, and a very lucid city. A town complicated by a multi race was very natural, and it all looked energetic bright.

Whitney Museum

Musée du Quai Branly in Paris

025Since The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, museum buildings became larger in the presence and appeal to tourists (and the Jewish Museum Berlin). I think the next theme is the relationship between content and exhibition space.

Musée du quai Branly case, it was a major theme of the collection assessment and deployment of non-European, but this novel architecture, at the same time, relationships and attractive exhibition.

It is a single building is not visible, and still aim to harmonize the various complex. Without a sense of proportion to intimidate, leaving off the building,  I felt like a built environment.
Surrounding the building by a large glass screen, the exhibit feels like the environment itself, it is not only alludes to the exhibition is being paid, and the operation seemed to erase the boundary between architecture and exhibits. Lush trees, and also into the wind as the landscape, the exhibition space before the actual go and walk a long slope. Done to the floor several images, as an effective sign and also acts as a change of heart.

Exhibition space
The feel of a single space, you can choose a route to freedom. In contrast, the sequences are well made and is composed enough to be felt in every area of the flow.

Light, the silk screen over the printing of trees, is narrowed down to just feel how much is on display to come to effect in the jungle. They came in many pupils teacher, a staff of around Africa wearing the native dress, and looked at the figures to tell the tales to explain.

Never use of coercive context of the theme park-like, while using the vocabulary of design JEAN NOUVEL been the origin of space and feel Oceania and Africa. That is, I think that strictly from the L’Institut du Monde Arabe.